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Although the islands are grouped together geographically, each and every one has a special identity, tradition and charm of its own .This is a very old tradition as since
2000 years ago and more when the first organized communities appeared in the Greek territory and progressively developed in strong cities during the Mycenaean times, each city was like a state belonging  and participating in the Greek political ,economical ...


Getting married?
Is it the moment you need to book the most important holiday your honeymoon?
Do you wish to renew your vows in a paradise island ?
Celebrating a special anniversary that requires a romantic setting?

Then Skiathos is one of the right places to include in your list

Idyllic natural scenery, aquamarine crystal fresh sea waters ,blue skies, gentle sandy paradise beaches, magnificent sunsets, and the golden warmth of the sun shining down on you complete and describe the puzzle that creates the atmosphere of this  jewel island which hosts more that 60 sandy beaches scattered around the pretty coastline.

Our team has many years of experience in arranging weddings and our wish is to make your marriage a special memory to cherish. Actually we were the first  to start organizing  civil weddings on the island of Skiathos 7 years ago .
There is a standard fee you pay and covers all the arrangements of the wedding herebelow mentioned

An important detail you have to take care of  is to collect the right documents required for your wedding in time as some documentation may take time to be issued in your country
A full list of documents required  will be e- mailed to you upon your request .In this list you will have in detail the number of legal documents required  to be issued and officially translated  in the Greek language so that you are able to get married in Greece without any complication .
The Certificate of No Impediment  together with the full length  Birth Certificate  should be sent to Foreign Office to be legalized . This procedure takes  approx 10 days.
The moment the documents have been legalized, they should be sent  to one of two independent translators approved by the Greek Embassy  ,who will translate  the documents  and arrange to have them stamped by the embassy .
This process takes approximately 10 to 14 days.
All originals should be taken with you and these originals are kept in the Mayors office
So if you wish to have copies please apply for 2 copies or obtain  certified copies from a solicitor in your country.
Only Original documents or certified copies may be accepted!
Your marriage in Skiathos,will be recognized in British or any other European law.
We would much appreciate to receive copies of your documents 6 weeks prior to your departure from your country to come to Greece.
The marriage  coordinator will meet you at the airport and visit you next day and discuss in details what are your requirements and wishes. We will take all arrangements required  out of your hands so you may enjoy relaxed one of your most important days in your life.
A time will be precised for you to organize all the legal requirements needed prior to your wedding and the wedding coordinator will escort you to the  Town Hall in order to complete and sign the applications and declarations required .

The Town Hall ,a Venetian small building located on Bourzi a small island - peninsula  dividing the old port from the new port of Skiathos with background the Town of Skiathos and the Aegean sea.
Any hotel of your choice that welcomes to organize weddings and wedding events  like , La Piscine Art hotel, Skiathos Princess , Skiathos Palace and others
On a beach , or on board a nice Caique type boat
Just name your wish ! It is your wedding and we only wish to make it happen your own way.

Regarding the wedding reception or cocktails we may recommend various solutions and places as per your wish, style or budget. Then you have to try the places and the decision is really yours.
An intimate romantic candle light  diner for two ?  A reception around your hotels Swimming pool , A party on a beach taverna , a party on a dessert island Arco, A special diner party  onboard a chartered yacht ? A reception in a restaurant which combines  good food, nice location and magnificent  view ?
All  above options are possible on the island .

During the meeting with the wedding coordinator you will discuss in detail  all you need :
Flowers type and colors  posy or long bouquet,  brides maid posies, buttonholes, cakes ,1 tier, 2 tier,  kind of decoration ,Photographer, Video recording beauticians ,hairdressers
And it will be our pleasure to arrange trial meeting with the hairdressers and beauticians,
Arrange your flowers, cakes and whatever else you need  even if it comes up last minute .
At your disposal the mobile phone of the person in charge operative from 09.00 till 24.00 hours and you are welcome to use it for any question.

A  Wedding car can be prebooked for you or if you prefer a romantic touch a horse and carriage can be arranged to transfer the bride to the Wedding place. For your guests and family if required we may organize taxi transfers booked in advance or mini bus transfer.