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Although the islands are grouped together geographically, each and every one has a special identity, tradition and charm of its own .This is a very old tradition as since
2000 years ago and more when the first organized communities appeared in the Greek territory and progressively developed in strong cities during the Mycenaean times, each city was like a state belonging  and participating in the Greek political ,economical defense and social rules system which was common and well respected by all cities. This system permitted even to the tiniest small village in Greece to preserve its own character till today by tradition.

Greece is not just a country, it is an experience and if you can discover for yourself the spirit of the Greeks, rooted in their tremendous sense of hospitality, you will certainly have a holiday that you will remember for a long time to come

The combination of excellent beaches ,sandy or pebble, picturesque villages ,traditional food and drink, are reason enough  to visit various places in Greece , but also Greece is steeped in history, offering you the chance to visit , explore  the many interesting and fascinating ruins  of the history that are able to make you understand Greece and the Greeks better


Facing the map of Greece, right, in the region of Magnesia - Central Greece, to the East of the Mount Pelion, house of the mythical Centaurs Chiron, lay spread like Sporades
in the Aegean Sea ,the Sporades group of islands, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, the dessert islands Kyra Panagia,Peristera, Piperi, Psathoura, Gioura , Skantzoura and  Skyros . Each one of a unique beauty keeps its own character and all of them are geographically similar.  South West of the islands is the Euboea Island.

Their geological history contains metamorphic laminated rock, with quite extensive pockets of limestone, crystallite layers and lots of fresh springs some of them hidden under earth
There is the theory that  Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and the desert  islands a few million years ago were part of the mount Pelion ,Skyros  was a part of Euboea  and that is the reason why  the 3 islands in contradiction to the majority of the rest of the Aegean Sea islands are surprisingly green . Skyros is fifty per cent green and fifty per cent rocky and dry , exactly the same like Euboea island .

The winds are gentle for the area of Sporades islands. Even the North wind makes the South West bays of al islands flat calm . The Nothern parts get rough.
Many  visitors have explored Sporades  sailing as distances, winds, scenery and the existing number of islands make the area very attractive .