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History of Skopelos Island

The ancient name of Skopelos was Peparithos, and comes from the first inhabitants of the island who came from Asia Minor  2.800-2000 B.C.
Circa 1600 the Minoans arrived on the island and introduced the wine and olive oil production . The Minoan Cretans established 3 cities .The ones who followed Prince Stafylos developed Stafylos town ,the ones who followed the Leader Peparithos,created the Peparithos town the present Skopelos town and the others developed the town Knossa which is the present Glossa town .

Both Stafylos and Pepartinthos were sons of God Dyonissus and grandchildren of the legendary King Minos of Crete father of Ariadni.
In year 1936 and only by coincidence the tomb of mythical Prince Stafylos. The tomb has the same architecture and size like the Royal Mycenaean tombs in Peloponnesus. The items found in this private excavation amongst them the sword of Princes Stafylos
a golden royal scepter, various ceramic vases and golden coin treasure are exposed in the Athens Archaeological museum and the Archeological museum of Volos
Prince Stafylos was the son of Theseas and Ariadni or as per another legend when Thiseas abandoned  Ariadni in Naxos island on his way back to Athens from Crete, God Dyonissus fall in love with her and had 4 children Stafylos, Peparithos, Oinopion and Thoas of which the 2 princes of Skopelos.

The 3 islands were producing good wines and worshiped the God Dyonissus and in Skopelos there was a temple devoted to this god who by tradition was teaching people
The knowledge to cultivate grapes and vieneyards.
Prince Stafylos name is synonym to grapes, wine

1300 B.C. the Thessalians take over the island , in years 800-750 The Chalkidians concure Skopelos island and reestablish the cities that exist till today Skopelos, Panormos and Selinounta - Glossa.
The beginning of 6th Century B.C exports of wine and olive oil brought prosperity to the island. The Peparithians sent sacrificial offerings to Delphic Oracle and have their own silver coins.
Aristofanes observes that the famous Peparithian wine is afrodiciac

During Classical times we have 3 cities with established Democracy, parliament, court and famous Nobles.
Skopelos belongs to the  Athenian alliance and after the year 338 the battle of Haironia they fall to Macedonian hands till about 146 when the Romans took over.

Skopelos belonged to the Byzantine Empire till about year 1204 when the Franks first and the Venetians after  conquered the island .
Already from the 4th century Skopelos inhabitants became Christians and since 347 they had their own Archibishop Riginos who became her Patron  Saint and there is the homonymous church  on the island.
That is the time when the island got the name Skopelos which meand Ħreef˘˘ probably because there are many reefs around it.

Haiderin Barbarosa the Turkish admiral destroys the island but there has never been a Turkish settlement on the island.
Both during the Venetian and the Turkish occupation the Skopelos islanders kept their autonomy and rights paying only taxes and providing 30 sailors to Kapoudan Pasha for the Naval station. They had the right to use their churches and handle the commerce of wine ,silk, olive oil and plums. The inhabitants elected their own elders had their own laws and  their leader of the church  The Archbishop of Skopelos

Since year 1723 in the island existed consulates representing the Great powers of the time England, France, Germany and Austria . Skopelos became the cultural political and economical center of Sporades.
The Russian admiral Alexander Orlof arrived in Skopelos in 1770 in order to ally with Labros Karsonis and his crew who helped him arrive in Tsesme of Asia Minor during the first attempt of revolution against the Othoman empire under the protection of Catherine the Great of Russia. As they succeeded to destroy the Turkish fleet , he offered a big
traditional Russian Bell for the church of the Birth of Christ.

The fleet of Skopelos participated in the general Uprising against the Turks later and the size of its fleet took the 5th place allover Greece, surpossed only by Hydra Spetses Psara Galaksidi and Andros.
At the same time Nikotsaras the famous warrior used it as basis together with Skiathos till 1808. He was attacking the Turkish army in various places in the Central Greece region.
During  the years 1821 - 1870 there we 70.000 inhabitants on the island including the refugees from other parts of Greece fact that created big crisis in the food available .

Skopelos came under administration of the Greek State in the Protocol of London  on February the 3rd ,1830

Year 1878 with bases both Skopelos and Skiathos the Greek State reinforced  the activities of the revolution of Thessaly  which still was under Ottoman rule.
In year 1881  the region of Thessaly becomes again Greek territories and all the refugees return to their houses and depart from Sporades