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Skiathos Island


Skiathos still maintains its ancient name, and popular belief has it, that the name Skiathos
is due to Sacred Mount Athos casting its long Shadow (skia) over the island at sunset.
However it seems that the most accurate interpretation is that which derives from the same word (skia), but refers to the shade of the thick woods, which have always covered the island. Skiathos therefore means ˇhost of shadows˘ fact that impressed its first inhabitants.

Skiathos covers an area of 61 sq km, and the intended coastline extends to 44km, with an approximate population of 5000 people. The highest point of Skiathos is the mountain Karaflitzanaka  approx 433 m. Most of the land of this island is covered with thick woods of wild pine trees, which in days gone by provided wood for shipbuilding. Along with the olive trees, the woods cover approx  70% of the island.

The main source of income on the island today is related to tourism. However the three other sources of wealth are still as they have always been. Agriculture  primarily the production of olive oil, farming of vegetables and dairy produce, and fishing.
By tradition Skiathos people were very famous designers and  builders of traditional wooden  boats ˇ trehantiria ˇ the 19th and early 20th centuries. The places the locals were working on the boats were called ˇTarsanas˘.  Still you may see 2 the one by the end of the airport  and the other in the beginning of Megali Ammos.
Many of the Skiathians were very capable sailors working for the Greek Merchant navy, till about late 70ies but the young generation seems to be turning to tourism or university studies the last 10 years.