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Although the islands are grouped together geographically, each and every one has a special identity, tradition and charm of its own .This is a very old tradition as since
2000 years ago and more when the first organized communities appeared in the Greek territory and progressively developed in strong cities during the Mycenaean times, each city was like a state belonging  and participating in the Greek political ,economical ...



A few words to introduce ourselves and our relation with Skiathos and tourism field to the visitor of our Skiathos blue travel  site

The first time the founder of this company visited the island of Skiathos was  on her first holiday  in year 1963. Ever since Skiathos became the favorite holiday place of her family

In year 1979  being a student of  the Law school of Athens university,  Anastasia thought that tourism field is a nice place to be ,so she got a job on the island  and worked for a hotel chain company owned by a family friend  Mr. P.Dervenis. company.

After her graduation from the Law School and given the chance she became the sales executive for the 5 and 3 star hotels of the company and concluded a career of 14 years with the company.

Exactly 14 years ago in year 1993, Anastasia Ghighis established her own travel company on the island of Skiathos, the Dixie Bird nest travel and tourism Co. and still believes after 28 years presence in the tourism industry that tourism is a nice place to be and Skiathos a very pretty corner on this Planet.

The aim of the Dixie bird Travel and Tourism company is to provide a tailor made holiday for each one of our  guests , ensure we offer the best possible services, and make our guests holiday special.
Friendly atmosphere, personal approach and care for our guests made our guests the best promoters of our business.

Among the assets of the company is the multilingual, professional, prompt and accurate
Service provided.

On the other hand we deeply believe that everybody has the right on holidays ,that is why with the same care we may provide holidays for  any range of  budget .