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History of Alonisos Island

The island during the ancient times was known as Ikos island and the first  city was established in Kokkinokastro beach area. Minoan Cretans with Prince Stafylos of Skopelos established the first city on the island and brought with them the knowledge of cultivation of olive trees and vineyards.
Later the same city acquired a Mycenean character and during this time Achilles father Peleus arrived on this island and stayed till the end of his life.

In Kokkinokastro there were found the walls of its city and where the Vrahos little island is there is an ancient town underwater.

The Geometric period which is the darkest in the Ancient times finds Ikos under domination of Dolopes prehellenic tribes known as Pelasgi that in time turned to be dangerous pirates who became the scourge of the Aegean.
The Athenian navy later on set out to confront them, under the leadership of Cimon, who won them and annexed all the islands to Athens.

In year 476 B.C the island joins the 1rst Athenian alliance .Gradually a second city was developed in the area of ¡paleo horio¢ (the old town) of Alonissos high on a hill, the commerce flourished and the famous Ikion wine was exported everywhere.

The island due to its important geographic position became a naval basis for the Athenians during the war with Phillip of Macedonia and later in 190 B.C was taken by the Romans.

Like the rest of Sporades islands in 1204 the Francs occupy the island and then with the fall of Constantinopole the island becomes Venetian territory till 1538 when the Turkish navy under the admiral Khair ed Din Barbarosa stepped on Alonissos.

Alonissos people participated to the General Uprising against the Turks and together with the other islands became free Greek territory in 1830